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Seb Warren is a song writer and multi-instrumentalist with a deep love of Blues and Rock n’ Roll. Fluent on guitar, bass, drums, piano and vocals, Seb lives and breathes music, taking songs with him wherever he goes.

Seb began his life soaking up the sounds of western and eastern classical music and The Beatles, thanks to his father’s vinyl collection. While learning the piano and classical guitar, he came across Led Zeppelin II and so began a life long passion for Rock n Roll. At once he began drum lessons, while simultaneously spending all his spare time on his older brother’s electric guitar. He studied music at high school and university, all the while writing songs, discovering audio engineering and playing in bands around town. After years of hard rock and grunge-tinged riffs, he ventured into acoustic sounds and so called ‘world’ music, especially fascinated with Ravi Shankar and Indian classical music, Cuban music by way of the Buena Vista Social Club, and the African roots of the blues.

Seb’s music is a blend of blues, classic rock and acoustic sounds. Currently he is working on a new batch of songs, with a definite blues edge.


Seb loves playing music live, and has played such gigs as the Woodford Glen Speedway Fireworks, Rocky Horror Show creator Richard O'Brien’s ‘Tran in Black’ fundraiser and opened for Kiwi poet legend Sam Hunt. Currently he is working on his own songs in Wolfbelly, as well as The Easy Hearts break-away group DIRTY3, who have just released the original song 'Something's Coming'. He is also drumming in The Dead Circus, a Stone Temple Pilots tribute band.

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